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multicolor floral mazinka brooms
200 clear acrylic chuppa cards

A set of clear acrylic chuppa cards imprinted with white tehillim and tefillos text and a gold border. There are two (2) sets of these cards. Please note: there is a $5 charge for any chuppa cards missing upon return. If there are more than 10 cards missing, there is a $100 fee to replace them.

mazinka wreaths

Hawaiian-inspired wreaths for the Mazinka mother and father

Hawaiian mazinka brooms

mazinka brooms with delicate white lei-inspired flowers

mazinka crowns

metal crowns for the Mazinka King and Queen

Leather Tefillos Kallah

Grey leatherbound collection of tefillos to be recited by Kallah

white floral mazinka brooms

floral mazinka brooms

hammer OP-HW

decorated hammer for breaking plate

Set of Dancing Ribbons

25+ ribbons at least 8 feet each for distance dancing

Moroccan Scarves O4-MS

Set of 8 brightly colored moroocan skirt scarves with gold coins (colors may vary from picture)

mazel tov signs O7-WMT

Set of mazel tov signs with glitter Hebrew letters and heart symbol

assorted silk flower petals

our gift with minumum donations to use with our parachutes

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