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Stephanie Cohen a”h was a very special friend to our family.  Her vitality and joie de vivre were unparalleled and she taught us to enjoy life in full color.


Leah met Stephanie in Camp HASC and became her counselor for several summers.  While their friendship began in summer camp, it continued throughout the year.  Stephanie's wonderful parents, Lisa and Stuart, became dear friends who are like family to us.


Stephanie lived a life of simcha and lit up the lives of all those who knew her.  Stephanie used every fiber of her body to bring joy to others.  She taught everyone around her about true Simchas Ha’chaim (joy for life) and brought a smile to all who interacted with her. 


Our first arches were designed using Stephanie’s favorite vibrant colors in order to raise money for the place that she loved best, Camp HASC.   We have been lending our arches and other Simcha props to raise money for Camp HASC, Stephanie's favorite place in the world.

Please join us in remembering Stephanie for her courage and her appreciation of the simple joys of life, even with all its challenges.  We appreciate your donation to Camp HASC.  We ask that you take care of our props so that they can continue to bring color and joy to future simchas.

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